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Millennially speaking

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Keith Beavers is the proprietor of In Vino, a wine bar and restaurant, and of the eclectic wine store Alphabet City, both in the East Village. Also known as the East Village Wine Geek, Beavers looks for "off the radar" wines. He believes every grape has a story. A musician and video blogger, he is dedicated to helping his customers understand more about wine. Pat Savoie sat down with Beavers in January; here are his thoughts on recent wine trends in the city:

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"As we move into 2011 the open mindedness of what is known as Millennial generation is expanding. More wine is being consumed in the United States than ever before, and the 25- to 35-year-old demographic is leading the trend. This group of consumers is more willing to explore new areas of the wine-producing world without the help of a point system.

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"I have two wine businesses, a restaurant/wine bar and a retail store, and the Millennials are the group that I cater to the most. There is a sense of excitement about them as they ask questions about different regions of Italy on my wine list or about a [Spanish] grape called Mencia they heard about from a friend.

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"I teach wine classes at my wine bar, and all of the 20 or so people who buy tickets are in 25 to 35 group. I love it because this group of wine lovers are contributing to the health and future of our wine culture. I can’t wait to see what they will have built for the next generation of wine drinkers."

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[In Vino, 215 E. 4th Street, 212-539-1011]

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