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Perfect red glug from Spain

Written by Alice Feiring Wednesday, 09 November 2011 10:21

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Benito Santos 2009 “Alipio,” Valdeorras, Spain
$15.99 at Chambers Street Wines

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Todd Blomberg, the San Franciscan transplant who lives and makes wine in Galicia (you can read about him in Naked Wine), wanted to make a wine that reminded him of the local fresh reds in Galicia. He said he couldn’t do it. He sure did. The only thing that is missing in this wine is the traditional porcelain bowl one drinks it out of. He purchased grapes—Mencia and Garnacha Tintorrera—from Valdeorras, east from his home base. The result is peppery-Syrah-almost-ness; a cranberry, perfect glug-glug that grips your attention. Give this puppy some air.

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